SYNOPSIS: "The Life of Puppets" is a love story about a girl raised on the road by her parents who have a puppet ministry to prisons.

Seventeen-year old Persephone is a part of these performances and the puppets are her friends, to whom she confides and with whom she conspires. She is home schooled, and her only other companions are her parents, prison officials, and the convicts that come to see the puppet shows.

She falls in love with a prisoner, who learns to write so he can send her love letters, and helps him escape. She also wants to escape her parents and to avoid marriage to the much older prison warden to whom she was promised by her parents. As the girl and the prisoner flee, the puppets advise crime after crime to keep the lovers together and fulfill the will of God. In the end, Persephone finds love and death in the Arizona desert.

          TAXI INFERNO
          MARKO JUMP
          AFTER JOHN