SYNOPSIS: United by the suicide of their parents, two brothers, Marko and Vlado, are torn apart by the love of a woman, Nadia. Set in Los Angeles and Slovenia, a small European country, Vlado, the handsome mountaineer, wins the hand of the girl, and Marko, a shy writer, flees to Los Angeles to forget his love and follow the American dream. The dream turns into a nightmare of illegality and disappointment, but he lies to his family about his tremendous successes in Hollywood. Overshadowed by the apparent triumph of the American brother, the mountaineer sinks into self-pitying psychological torment which pushes Nadia away. Leaving her home country, she appears at Marko's doorstep in Los Angeles, and is confronted by the world of debt, loan sharks and Russian mafia in which he has become submerged to sustain his lies. The Slovenian brother follows to get her back, but, unsuccessful, threatens suicide by jumping off a freeway overpass. When Marko tries to talk him down, Vlado attacks Marko, and, in the fight, the girl is struck and knocked off the overpass. The brothers are reunited in tragedy once again.

          TAXI INFERNO
          MARKO JUMP
          AFTER JOHN