Slovenian-born filmmaker and artist Natasa Prosenc creates in the
fields of fiction film, documentary and video art / video installations.
She has directed 6 short films, many documentaries and a feature
film, Souvenir. Natasa worked also for Slovenian State TV as a writer /
director of different cultural programs and for the Slovenian CNN branch.

Natasa graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Ljubljana. During
her art studies, she became interested in moving images and began making
video pieces and short films. In the 1990s her projects started to appear in
festivals, and to win awards and grants. In 1997, Prosenc traveled to Los Angeles
on a Fulbright Scholarship to study at CalArts, where she got her MFA in film
and video. She has lived in Los Angeles since then, with frequent festivals
and shows in the U.S., Slovenia and abroad.

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