A Beverly Hills widow discovers her late husband's double life and joins his former mistress in a struggle against corrupt Southern officials.

The story opens with his John's sudden death in a small town in Louisiana. There he was an outgoing, passionate economic savior, the high-living man who brought a casino to the dying town, while at home he was merely a snobbish member of the country club set. In the struggle over his estate, the hard-willed wife, who only cares about the opinion of other people, has to confront her husband's African American mistress. John's wife follows in his steps and slowly understands that his frequent travels to the South let him feel alive in a way his staid urban family would never allow and tries to save the casino from a gaggle of corrupt Southern officials. The story is framed by the fight between John's wife and his mistress over where the body should be buried, but the body loses importance, and the story finishes with two funerals for the man, one in Louisiana and one in Beverly Hills.

          TAXI INFERNO
          MARKO JUMP
          AFTER JOHN